“Omikuji” at Asakusa Kannon Temple


After our arrival in Tokyo, we jumped right into orientation, meetings, and sightseeing with some time to acclimate and adjust to the new time zone. The itinerary was packed with historical sites and of these sites, The Asakusa Kannon Temple located in Asakusa, Tokyo served as a colorful and popular visit with beauty, charm, and “Omikuji” fortune telling. Participants, observers, and students in the Tomodachi Inouye Scholars program took part in getting their fortunes told inside the temple. The instructions included:

1. While praying for your wish, shake the box politely a few times. A stick marked fortune number will come out.

2. Make sure your number and put the stick back.

3. Take out a sheet of Omikuji from the drawer of your number, and take it home.






The Omikuji’s overall message was to tenaciously do our best to carve out our own future.

As we explore the sites, sounds, tastes, and exchanges in Tokyo and Hiroshima, we carve out our own experiences and discover the many things Japan and its people has to offer. We look forward to posting more of these stories on the wordpress!


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